art-based inquiry

annotated bibliography

This is a three part annotated bibliography I have written in the summer of 2020 as I prepare for my PhD qualifying exam. The bibliography includes 30 items covering the intersection of settler-colonial studies and Indigenous studies, expressive arts therapy…

aesthetic response: unsettling – found poetry

[This is my aesthetic response to class’ reading materials. I chose 10 sentences from each article that I felt drawn to, and wrote down on a flip chart paper. I then circled the words that speak to one another. I…

aesthetic response: raw beginnings

Raw beginnings. Wild eyeball of the Earth spirit in a multi-layer portal to something good that may come. Find my roots in the shitty storm even when my hands are shaking. I’ve lived my anger that I don’t deserve, even…

Poetography: untitled

I hear the white noise in your speechless gesture like smoke suffocated in the air that none of us dare to sing our silent song

Let us travel back in time and fast forward

I wake up. It’s already tomorrow in Hong Kong. I open the bathroom door- my mother was in labor, giving birth to me in the hospital that had been listed as national heritage 5 years ago. I run to the…

About Me

daughter, water, auntie, microbial cultures maker, a PhD candidate who has serious doubt about critique and language, an expressive arts therapist irresistibly drawn to the space between the known and the unknown and the abundant mysteries between the either/or dichotomy.

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