nothing special happen

That moment I said yes to love nothing special happened. The bus arrived as scheduled, squirrels searched for food, in trees, in garbage. Some crossed the street, some died. People glued to tiny screens, some watched, some never cared. ThenContinue reading “nothing special happen”

glamorous grief

Don’t wake up the tears in moonlight silence they become millions of fireflies singing hallelujah Don’t ask the wounded snails about their mothers’ belly naked under the equatorial sun their sleeping spiral tells stories from the other world Every experienceContinue reading “glamorous grief”

depressed goldfish

Slow clockwork ticks against my will like a depressed goldfish searching for the anchor in the avenue of escape. Signs emerged from the stone have their eyes glued on me in unnatural positions. Put my self-realization on paper I can’tContinue reading “depressed goldfish”

beggar’s bowl

I couldn’t capture your face but I get a glimpse of your infinite generosity. I tried to give you a definition, you showed me your endless boundaries. Your love for me is a deep mystery so deep I couldn’t seeContinue reading “beggar’s bowl”

Original Crime

She doesn’t have the psychic strength to watch the news. Everything is sliding down, even the mute button is broken. I thought the medicine in the drum is hiding in his long dark hair that if he would sing aContinue reading “Original Crime”

Marching Into Love

Don’t declare your love to me Until you’ve seen the moon waxes And wanes 16 times I have 27 split selves 38 emotional currents In rotation Don’t declare your love to me Until you’ve seen me Spring forward And FallContinue reading “Marching Into Love”

About Me

daughter, water, auntie, microbial cultures maker, a PhD candidate who has serious doubt about critique and language, an expressive arts therapist irresistibly drawn to the space between the known and the unknown and the abundant mysteries between the either/or dichotomy.

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