Highlights of my research projects and journal articles

re-thinking ecopoiesis: questioning “nature” approach. an interview

in this interview I wander about unselfing, unshaping, reciprocity, and move beyond finding therapeutic inspiration from nature to a truly ecopoietic approach.

between the lack of response and the capacity to respond

my presentation at the Poiesis Symposium VI (Oct 25, 2021) hosted by the Division of Arts, Health and Society at the European Graduate School

Link to recording: https://www.facebook.com/XpressiveArts/videos/1454987034883306/

coronavirus as a rite of passage: finding cures for “colonialvirus” in expressive arts based research

in Ecopoiesis: Eco-Human Theory and Practice Journal Volume 1 (2020) Issue 2

city as studio, city as wound: dreaming abolitionist futures

in POIESIS: A Journal of the Arts & Communication (Volume 18, 2021, EGS Press)

(This is part of the Mitacs fellowship Abolitionist Dream Mapping research project. Visit project website: https://www.abolitiondreaming.com/gracelynn-project)

decolonizing my Hong Kong identity as a settler in Canada

An expressive arts-based inquiry article will be published in Creative Arts in Education and Therapy 6(2): 153–170 DOI: 10.15212/CAET/2020/6/22

annotated bibliography

This is a three part annotated bibliography I have written in the summer of 2020 as I prepare for my PhD qualifying exam. The bibliography includes 30 items covering the intersection of settler-colonial studies and Indigenous studies, expressive arts therapy and collective trauma healing, and Community-Based Participatory Research and Art-Based Research.

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