Gracelynn Lau is a nature-based expressive arts therapist and researcher based in Canada, an ecovillage design education and permaculture facilitator with Gaia Education, and a settler of colour from British Hong Kong learning to reconnect with her ancestral/colonial past.

Currently a PhD candidate in cultural studies at Queen’s University, Gracelynn’s research takes her to dance at the crossroads of Indigenous-settler relations, collective trauma healing, expressive arts therapy and social change.

Online Session

nature-based expressive arts therapy for personal and group support to navigate the social and environmental crises of our time and building resilience for social change.


research projects and published journal articles related to expressive arts therapy, decolonization and collective trauma healing


things that emerge between knowing and not-knowing waiting to be fallen into words, are the things I wonder about in poetic inquiry

“Clarity arrives when we get out of our own way.”

gracelynn lau

Navigating despair, burnt out, systemic grief? Dealing with racialized trauma or settler identity?


Romy Logsch:

“In my first session I was stiff, insecure and very much in my head. Gracelynn help me to get more and more into my body through movements. My body became the instrument of my expression of what is emerging inside and I started listening to what’s inside moving away from thinking and words. I was invited to use everything but words – where language cause the barrier and this journey starts. That unique process gave me some aha-moments and answers which I did not expect and wouldn’t be able to get through thinking. Something was sparked within me since that very first journey – to discover and explore through creativity in different kind of arts. Thank you Gracelynn for inviting and guiding me on those trips. The souvenirs I got are life changing and last forever. I Vote expressive arts as a subject in school!”

Email: Gracelynnlau@queensu.ca

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