studying decolonizing studies

I am not indigenous. Can I use indigenous pedagogies?

I have been thinking lots about the critiques on settler adoption fantasies and other “move to innocence” in Tuck and Yang‘s co-authored article “Decolonization is not a metaphor” (see my reflection). Are those really attempting “reconciliation prematurely”? Isn’t it polarizing…

Reciprocal recognition as resistance: reading Leanne Simpson

In a directed studies reading, I came across the piece where Simpson talks about generative refusal and Nishnaabewin concept of reciprocal recognition. These two are super important in what she advocates “radical resurgence as indigenous resistance”

We are all treaty people + who the heck is Sir John A?

Couple days ago in class we talked about treaties. Treaty means completely different things to the indigenous people and the British men. Indigenous peoples made treaties for thousand of years, not only with other nations but also with the water,…

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