Original Crime

Photo taken at the motel I was staying in Kashgar, 2004 summer

She doesn’t have the psychic strength

to watch the news. Everything is sliding

down, even the mute button is broken.

I thought the medicine in the drum

is hiding in his long dark hair that if

he would sing a medicine song,

beat the drum, and let down his magical

hair like waterfalls, the dark spirits

would flee like sunbathing tourists

when tsunami hits the shore.

The remedy is not on the shelves

like Tylenol, unfortunately, that I

cannot grab a quick fix on the go

with an affordable exchange

and an expectable outcome

in less than 4 hours.

Unfortunately, the medicine is not

in the prescription, nor the description

of the chronic symptoms. In fact, it may

be part of the poison that causes

the original infection.

By entrusting my healing to

someone else, I gave myself a

death sentence. Like washing

hands in the golden basin

to deny my partnership

in this crime.


By Gracelynn Lau